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Know-How-Aloe.com.ar is a website offering the latest know-how and technology related to the aloe business. We are a group of professionals with great experience in the aloe industry.

We are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but with liaison professionals and consultants around the world, all them related to the aloe business. We specialize in aloe, from aloe plant cultivation to aloe industrialization and product development.

We offer our transfer of technology and know-how on the aloe industry to following recipients:

  • companies and organizations wishing to invest in the aloe industry, either aloe cultivation or the complete package, from aloe cultivation to aloe processing and final industrialization of aloe products
  • governments and national development agencies with interest to promote the aloe cultivation and the aloe industry to boost economically depressed areas, with the objective to create jobs and exports, improve rural areas and increase the disposable income for the involved people
  • companies wishing to formulate and develop new products containing aloe or products made with aloe raw materials, such as aloe foods, aloe drinks, aloe cosmetics, aloe personal care products, aloe cleaning products, apparel with aloe, animal feed with aloe, and other similar uses.

Please read our services in English and Spanish and feel free to contact us.

Many thanks

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